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About Us

Committed to Your Success in Japan

Our Founder and CEO

Timothy Connor has been helping companies and brands enter the Japan market and grow by integrating Japan Market Expertise, Strategy, and Digital Transformation with a laser focus on Customers for more than 20 years. He is an accomplished Country Manager/Managing Director who can step in to a start up or interim role to enable rapid growth and/or change as necessary.

  • A proven and recognized Japan business market expert who leverages Predictive CX, Digital and Real Market Strategy, Product Positioning, Pricing and Financial Modeling, and Omnichannel Experience to build profitable B2C businesses that are customer focused organizations.

  • Previously Managing Director in charge of corporate development and the marketing service business group of an American owned firm. His role was to find new business opportunities, devise the market strategy for sales and distribution partners, develop the organization, and subsequently run the startup. As such he is equally adept in legal, HR, finance, pricing, marketing, and sales, all in a bilingual framework that engages both overseas and Japan parties to international joint ventures.

  • A customer focused innovator and change agent who thrives on leading a cross functional and culturally diverse team to focus on customer experience and strategic digital transformations to drive consistent increases in business growth. 

Specialties: customer experience, marketing strategy, e-commerce, competitive analysis, and resource Investment strategies in Consumer and Luxury Goods, Energy, Leisure, Financial Services, and Media

Want to experience the expertise of Synnovate for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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